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Managing Customers and Installations Configuration

Contractor's Guides: Managing Client and Installation Configurations

Up to 4 different people can edit settings on the IrriGRAY Controller: 

  • Owner

  • Owner's representative (usually when the Owner has multiple sites / systems)

  • Landscape maintenance contractor

  • IrriGRAY support team

Any time multiple people can change settings on a system via the tablet directly or via the Internet Service, there is potential for mistakes.  

IrriGRAY overcomes this by always saving a new 'configuration' every time a new set of changes are saved. Similar to a computer restore point, any configuration version can be set as the new current version. This is done by clicking on "Mark As Active". Within 5 minutes the On-Site Controller will be updated with the changed configuration settings.


 Any naming convention for Config Names (that makes sense to the owner / representative / contractor) can be used.