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Installation Guide: Plumbing


Recommended Graywater sources:
Showers / Tub Units,  Laundry & AC Condensate if available. To assist with blackwater flow within the building, we recommend plumbing hand basin waste to the black waste system instead of graywater.

Location of the Basin:
The IrriGRAY basin can be positioned in any location that provides sufficient fall to loop the graywater overflow / diversion waste pipe back into sewer / septic.

Basin support and backfill:
If the surrounding soil contains any sharp stones or rocks, alternate base and backfill must be used. We recommend a 2” base of Pea gravel, with backfill up to the level of the graywater inlet. Soil is then used for remaining backfill.

Backflow Prevention:
Check local codes for backflow prevention requirements. Most codes require an accessible backflow prevention valve. Backflow prevention valves are not supplied as standard due to variance in code requirements.

Code requirements vary significantly. Check local codes for any requirements, and whether the basin must be vented or possibly the graywater inlet can be vented (easier). An additional 2” uniseal is included to allow the basin to be vented. A 3” hole saw is required to fit the uniseal.

Potable Water Connection:
Potable water is used to clean the filter and as a makeup water source. To prevent any possibility of cross section, an RPZ must be fitted. Check with local authorities for specific requirements. 

Filter Waste Telescopic Coupling:
To enable removal of the filter bowl (threaded attachment) a telescopic coupling has been provided.  This coupling must be installed such that there is sufficient room  and accessibility to push down the bowl for removal.

More Information?

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