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While the IrriGRAY system is a sophisticated irrigation system, the modular design of components, along with plug and play electrical connections, means plumbing and electrical installation is straight forward. This is illustrated by the simple installation instructions on this website.

Some experience is required in designing the irrigation layout to best suit your site conditions. If you are new to IrriGRAY or inexperienced in irrigation zone and flow rate design, please contact us for a pre-installation consultation. 

In most cases this service is provided at no charge or a nominal fee refundable with a system purchase.

Below is a collection of design decisions that should be made prior to installation:

  • How much graywater will be available in the middle of summer (# of residents or other graywater generators)?

  • How large is the desired irrigation area?

  • How will the zones be divided (ideally maintaining a 10 gpm flow rate, which equates 300' of landscape bed dripperline, or 1,000' of sub turf dripperline (1,000 square feet of turf)?

  • Is a separate disposal zone required?

  • Will potable water dripperline be used for growing vegetables?

  • If this is a large property, will potable water sprinklers also be used?

  • Are there any other alternate water supplies (such as rainwater storage) available for makeup water?

    As a side note, an IrriGRAY graywater system with 3 residents provides an equivalent irrigation benefit as a 20,000 gallon rainwater tank in Dallas TX, or a 40,000 gallon tank in San Diego CA, at a small fraction of the price per gallon of rainwater tanks. Please contact us if you are considering a combined graywater and rainwater re-use system so we can advise the most cost effective options.

Examples of Charts created by the IrriGRAY support team as part of the design consultation process. These charts are automatically generated within a spreadsheet of zone configurations, system location, and resident numbers.  We particularly encourage architects, builders and developers to contact us, so we can provide scalable and reusable solutions for their work portfolios.