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Viewing your data via the internet

Viewing your data via the internet

If your IrriGRAY system is connected to the internet (usually via wifi), information is sent to the IrriGRAY Internet Service every minute something happens. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • What time and how much graywater or potable water was irrigated to a zone
  • When the filter was automatically cleaned
  • Operational performance (flow rates and pressure readings)
  • Environmental events (e.g. temperature, rain)


Various charts are available to view this information. Here are two examples:

The Water Usage Chart shows how much Graywater (generally showers, laundry, tubs, and AC condensate) has been irrigated to zones (in this example there are four zones, each having their own column in the chart), based on a start date and end date. Excess graywater - more frequent in winter when the landscape doesn't need much water - is also shown.


The Live View Chart shows what time of day and what type of water is irrigated to each zone, with symbols depicting an event each moment an activity has occurred.

The data is delayed by up to 1 minute. You can zoom in and out of date time and time ranges to view data in detail. As shown, the chart included data from August 20 to August 28, but has been zoomed into a narrow date / time range.