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How IrriGRAY Works

How IrriGRAY Works

IrriGRAY automatically pumps graywater (usually showers, tubs, laundry and AC condensate) through a self cleaning filter to maximum 16 zones of subsurface irrigation dripperline. A water meter is used to ensure the exact number of gallons required is provided to each zone. With the combination of distributed sub surface irrigation, and efficiency based irrigation management, IrriGRAY achieves 95% or higher irrigation efficiency.

Traditional sprinkler systems typically acheive less than 50% efficiency, so every gallon of graywater re-used 'saves' about 2 gallons of potable water.

Depending on your climate, each person typically produces enough graywater every day to support between 500 - 1,000 square feet of lawn or 1,500 - 3,000 square feet of landscape beds.

If there isn't enough graywater to support the landscape during the day, IrriGRAY automatically adds extra potable or stored rainwater to complete the irrigation need.

For very large properties, where the cost of installing under turf dripperline across the whole property could be cost prohibitive, IrriGRAY can also efficiently manage potable water sprinklers.

IrriGRAY is a modular system, pre-assembled with plug and plug connections:

  • Pumping Basin

  • Self Cleaning Graywater Filter & Water Management Assembly

  • IrriGRAY Controller

  • IrriGRAY Internet Service




Pumping Basin

The IrriGRAY collection and pumping basin is 18" diameter x 30" deep. 12" Extensions are used to bring the top of the assembly to ground level, enabling connection to graywater stub-out depths of up to 48".

  • Surge capacity is 30 gallons. IrriGRAY does not need to store water - graywater is irrigated as quickly as it arrives in the basin. Although graywater can legally be stored up to 24 hours, storage is best avoided because of potential odor development. The internal pump activates as soon as 5 gallons is available, further increasing surge capacity.

  • The pump also diverts a jet of water inside the basin to agitate the contents, stirring any sediments and forcing these to the filter. Because of this the pump basin is self cleaning. A large coarse foreign material trap / filter should be emptied once a year, at the same time as a recommended annual inspection.



Automatic Self Cleaning Filter 

Residential (Standard)

The Twist II Clean automated filter is managed by the IrriGRAY Controller. When downstream pressure and flow rates drop to a set level, the pump is automatically turned off, filter handle turned to backwash position, and potable water used to flush debris to waste. 

  • A minimum 40 PSI & 30 GPM Potable Water supply is required for efficient backwashing.

  • Additional components in the assembly are: water meter, backwash valve, makeup water valve

  • The Filter can be installed indoors (typically located in the Garage) or externally. The IrriGRAY Controller senses freezing potential and places the filter in a freeze protect mode.


High Capacity (Hi Volume Residential, Multi-Family & Commercial)

The Water ReNu Auto Disc filter has a sensor which determines when the filter needs cleaning, and schedules the cleaning process for the next early morning. The IrriGRAY controller also ensures the cleaning process runs at least every X (adjustable) days, for optimal performance. This filter has over 100 times debris capacity of the Twist II Clean filter and therefore does not need cleaning as often.

  • The filter is cleaned by automatically turning off the graywater pump, opening the waste and potable water valves. The backwash water then reverse-flushes through the entire filter process to waste.

  • A minimum 30 PSI & 21 GPM Potable Water supply is required for efficient backwashing.




IrriGRAY Smart Controller 

The IrriGRAY Controller is custom designed for graywater, rainwater, condensate and potable water management. Designed from the ground up, the Controller has a 7" tablet that continuosly receives data from pressure and flow sensors, directing all graywater to the appropriate zones thoughout the day (every time 5 gallons of graywater has collected in the basin). Additional potable water or rainwater is used to supplement graywater when necessary.

The Controller operates with or without an internet connection. If an internet connection is available, the controller sends performance data to the IrriGRAY Internet Service. 

Additional features include:

  • Climate based irrigation

  • 4 zones types (Graywater dripperline, Graywater disposal, Potable water sprinkler irrigation, Potable Water dripperline)

  • Diversion of graywater from septic systems in non-growing seasons via an additional disposal dripperline zone

  • Automated under-turf dripperline flushing to wash away any emitter soap buildup

  • Freeze / Rain detection and management

  • Vacation mode

  • Rainwater storage management and reporting (soon to be released)



IrriGRAY Internet Service

The IrriGRAY Internet Service sets IrriGRAY apart from any other graywater system, even those costing 3 or 4 times more.

When the IrriGRAY Controller has a wifi internet connection, it automatically sends performance data to the Internet Service. This data is used to provide:

  • Online water charts, including water usage by water type (graywater, excess graywater, potable water, potable water only dripperline, potable water only sprinklers), by date and by zone.

  • The Internet Service automatically reviews performance data for indications of performance issues, such as damaged distribution lines, faulty irrigation solenoid valves, pump performance, power failure, charging failure, loss of wifi etc)

  • Monitoring service providing warning and advisory notices of performance issue to residents and residents' contractors if applicable. This is particularly important for sub surface irrigation systems as otherwise the first indication of an issue would be drying irrigation zones.

Irrigation settings can be changed via the tablet directly, or via the Internet Service. IrriGRAY ensures the Controller and Internet Service are synchonized:

  • The resident (or resident's landscape maintenance contractor) can remotely view charts, performance data, and change irrigation settings from any Internet connected PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. An application is not needed because the website has been designed to adapt to any device.

  • Additional remote functions are planned.

The Controller software can be updated remotely by IrriGRAY support by individual Controllers, or on a group basis. This means if a client has a particular issue, IrriGRAY Support can identify, test and release a resolution for just that client, and then later add the software change to other clients in an upgrade. This process is fully automated, and does not require any attention from residents or contractors.